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A indie developer that has built some horror and FPS (First Person Shooter) games and currently working at Lyn, Krip and other RPA softwares. Whant to learn more about me?

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black assault rifle on black textile
grayscale photo of trees and pathway

Some images of the games

All of my games are available at IndieDB. Here are some images of them!


Design is a timeless craft.

Since 2013 I have had a passion for game development and since then I have been trying my best for all my new ideas in new games and making players happy to play new games (or shit themselves in a horror game hahaha)

And it's not just games!

I currently develop RPAs for clients like "Oi, Banco PAN, and Telefónica (Vivo)" using C # (Selenium) and WinAutomation

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Twitter: @Ironiiawn

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