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Introducing myself!

Wellington Caires

2021-06-08 3 min read

The first blog post!

Introducing myself

A developer that wants to learn every new kind of information about anything.
In 2013 I got my first PC with an AMD Sempron LE 1150, 1GB RAM, Windows Vista Starter (!!), and 80GB of HDD!!
With this computer, I've created my first game: NextWorld FPS using Javascript as the primary language in Unity Engine (on that version, the engine has Javascript, Boo, and C#, but now only C#).
Since that, I loved the thought of "I've created something that other people will play!!" and so on...

Today I'm learning how to create Android apps using Android Studio with Kotlin (I know a little bit of C# to understand something of Java :P)!! See at my Github page some examples of projects that I made using Kotlin.

I know some RPA software like WinAutomation, ProcessRobot, Microsoft PowerAutomate (RIP WinAutomation), and Selenium (C#). I've done some projects on Atento Brasil (Here is where I work!) to maximize the team's time and help them focus on what really matters: Solving operational problems and helping other areas instead of making a lot of boring loops every day. Some projects (for Atento and its customers) that I've made:
- Vivo/Telefónica automated SYSTEM FOR PASSWORD RESETS
-- Comparing results: An Analyst solves a page of 30 tools to reset in 5 minutes (sort of). The RPA solves the same page in 1 minute and 36 seconds (maximum of 3 minutes) - counting down to minus.
-- Checks if the logins that need new passwords are in a Blacklist (fraud detection, licenses like INSS, and more) before doing it
-- Checks if the logins that need new passwords are active on Vivo's OIM before doing any task with it

-- Comparing results: The Analysts solves a sheet with 56 resets in 2 or 3 hours (sort of). The RPA solves the same sheet simultaneously, but with far fewer Analysts and with no errors at all.
-- Comparing results: Analysts create access for 100 people in about 3 or 4 hours (without any pauses, and one tool). The RPA creates the same access in 30 minutes (One tool. Pauses? only if the PC wants a
cup of tea)
-- Automatically updates a database with the login information and with the access requests for the people that need their access to be modified or created on Vivo's OIM
-- Automatic creation of SAP ERP sheet that contains all the necessary data to modify the team member information at Vivo's HR before doing any modification on the access of the desired login
-- The solution will try to prevent frauds on their systems and help employees focus on their works precisely. After a password reset request, the solution will bring the new password in a couple of minutes or seconds via e-mail or Atento's own solution: SISGAC

Currently working on an Android app that will bring all RPAs data into our smartphones and control the systems through it! (This is my first experience doing an Android app creation);
Also, I do several side projects using Visual Studio and C# language, like:
- Ugnite (Github:
-- A Steam/EGS/GOG Galaxy clone that brings the developers and gamers a new game (or any software) shopping platform;
-- The software was made using C# in Visual Studio, and the database used was MySQL hosted at AWS;
-- The storage used was from AWS too: The S3 storage service;
-- Payment methods that were implemented inside the software: PayPal and MercadoPago (with no APIs, only static HTML pages that redirects the users after a payment)
- IwPlay Client (Github:
-- Like Ugnite: Software made in C#, but not finished
-- I've used AWS RDS to store any information that was necessary to run the software (MySQL);
-- A implementation: the server-side was made purely in RESTful PHP;
-- File storage used was the AWS S3 service;
-- Payment system that I was planning to do: Instead of Ugnite's static HTML pages with redirection, making the payments through APIs was my challenge! (MercadoPago and PayPal - again)

I have a private repository with another client called "IwShire" that equals IwPlay and Ugnite ideas, but with a new design and backend improvements, such as JSON log storage in Loggly, Geo APIs from free GeoIP, automatic USD-BRL (and vice-versa) convert ratio via Exchange Rates API before the user making any payment, and a wallet system! :)

Now, what am I doing? Learning Kotlin and NoSQL with MongoDB!

Thank you! :D

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