A Android App with Fuel P#1

What will this app do? Control an RPA that is allocated at a physical machine (no VDIs or

Wellington Caires

2021-06-08 1 min read

Oh, the app is running! :)

But.. I'm stuck in a Fuel GET request.. :(
What does the function need to do? (clear: the 
pvt_getInstruction 😂) Just show the users the information about the RPA's current status (if it is on or off.. something like that)

The first interface of the app

The POST function without (yet) the Fuel's framework.. I'll refactor the actions using it later... I'm figuring out first how to do what I want to do with GET instructions first. This is currently using Volley's library!

Where is the data stored?

Currently, I'm using MySQL database as storage for the data, and guess what?

I'm learning NoSQL with MongoDB, and I'll try to add it to the project just for research.. the RPA will send a lot of data to the server, and.. maybe this will be useful in the future!

Wich server-side language?

I'm using PHP to handle server requests.. I've tried using Kotlin with Spring in a docker environment at my machine and.. worked well :P but my machine isn't a server so I'll stay with PHP!

See you soon with an app update!😊

Look at my Kotlin's Github page!!

See you soon with an app update!😊

Look at my Kotlin's Github page!!

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